Monday, December 6, 2010


heyyy , i had an intresting weekend.

saturday :

i woke up at 9 that morning , takde tusyen wohoooo haha . then take shower bla bla bla. went to imiggration with my mom to renew my passport but the officer told us that he need my father to be there , shoot my dad was in kl . so my mom and i went to kamdar and jackel to buy my kain kain baju kurung segala . after choosing , we went to sister's tailor to send all those kain . im soo hungry cause i don't take my breakfast yet and its already noon . we had lunch at nearby restaurant . later on , i dragged my mom to jusco to buy me new shoes , she shop more than i did *haaa see*. i bought new pink diary , birthday card and facial wash . suddenly something came up and she had to be somewhere in pasir puteh . but im not following her , cause i promised to meet haziqah , channan, nasha , nik and ezmeer*my new tuition's friends except 4 haziqah la kan :)* at jusco . i have to wait them to finished their movie so i was wandering alone at the jusco so i stopped at almost shop there . yeahh i managed to buy myself a book : a change heart, just because it was on sale and the cover look good haha i know i know dont judge a book by its cover , but somehow i did judge by its cover hehe. at last i met them , yeahhh , then we even played those lattalilat thingy to choose where to go in the middle of the jusco haha. we had drinks at secret recipe , we met teacher julie there and chatted. my mom picked me up around 6.30 and went home . okayyy the best part is jeng jeng jeng my mom dont have the house key with her . hers is with my dad in kl ok kl . yeayyyy we were locked outside of our own house . hmm my mom decide to sleep at my grandmother's house in batu gajah . luckily my hometown is just there . we went to nearby superstore to buy clothes and stuffs . then we head to opah houseeee .

sunday :

went to kenduri went to kenduri again went to kenduri againnnnn . ahahaha .boringgggg. i spend all day watching tiveeee and reading my new book. then all my lil cousins came and dah lamaa tak jumpa diaorang , treat them with kiwi pudding which i bought fr my mom actually ahhaha . after tired telling them stupid jokes and teaching them stewwpid thing , i slept . haha . i still cant go home cause my dad aint going back to ipoh till night so i had to wait for him . yeahhh , that night there's some kind of fiesta tari menari joget lambak sorts near my opah's house. i just watched them haaha funney to see them dance like there's no tomorow . enjoyed much . at last my dad called and said he's home , yeayyyyy ! & here i am at home on bed infront of my laptop hee <3

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