Friday, December 31, 2010

new year resolution


to get straight a plus for spm 
to get me a drive license 
to go for a road trip with friends 
to kiss a dolphin 
to do bungee jumping 
to lose weight 
to sign up for gym after spm
to tone up my body 
to be a good girl , i mean really good :')
to buy new cell phones
to renew my wardrobe 
to not to sleep in bm class
to focus in my studies and done all the homework given 
to be taller
to smile as much as i can 
to be thrift 
to travel the world ahha 
to be nicer to my siblings
to go for a real camping 
to sing and dance in rain again :)
to apologize to all the people i've talked behind their back . *phew the hardest*
to appreciate mrsm taiping more
to scold the junior once , only once haha
to be nice to the junior
to play football in mrsm taiping haha
to skip class once , ohh i miss that 
to not to whine everytime the teacher assign me too much work haha you wish
to keep my hair long back 
to go for spa
to have a big big teddy bear HAHA
to love animals more 
to know everyone's name in my batch
to sleep less hehe
to appreciate my life more
to swim in the river behind school 
to play bola tampar once , i never played it before
to run all around the school pretending a crazy dog is chasing me haha
to less wandering around the school compound
to complete all the workbook i've bought 
to have my own ipod touch
to taste snow 
to cut down my time on www. thingy haha
to learn how to cook proper dishes 
to learn how to plant a tree
to learn to make icecream yumm yumm
to scream i love malaysia during hari merdeka
to follow the school *cough cough* rules
to wear tudung labuh at school for once in  a lifetime
to make the world a better place
to be a vegie for a week 
to khatam alquran again at least once this year
to wear red nails during school days 
to try to eat wasabi hoho
to  visit the 7 wonders of the world
to have a star of my own
to touch a penguin
to arm wrestle an Orang Utan
to play rugby once
to taste all of the flavors of baskin robbins ice-cream !
to touch a rainbow
to skydiving
to arm wrestle an Orang Utan

haha , i better stop cause the list is endless ! hey , may my dream came true

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  1. oho, may ur dreams come true. and happy new year btw, najah! :)