Wednesday, December 1, 2010

spell my name

I woke up late today , rushing to get ready .i had my vitagen and bread in the car. Somehow  I managed to come sharp 7.15 and im the second last to be there , see told yaa. Haha. I was so so sleepy , I sat beside SI and she was sleepy too. She was “najah , tolong aku najah . aku ngantuk gila nie” and I was like “I know , me too ” my eyes was red and teary . u might tought I cried if u see me . luckily the guys were making some stupid jokes and cheer up the class or else I’ll be dead there. Hmm what I like about her class is she love to give some inspiring motivational talk yeahh.

It doesn’t matter if you get  C, on your own effort rather than getting A but u’re cheating. 

Ahha , teacher julie told us THAT. she loves to tell us her stories , and you know how much I love stories J  . when she told the stories whoa I sit up straight giving my fullest attention hihi but when she start talking about resultant force gravitational force stuffs heh I started to be so sleepy and my mind goes wherever they wanna be and I just stare at the whiteboard while my hand is drawing stewwpid geometry thingy on the module haha that is so me . she also said to make your student love your subject , you have to win their heart first . yes I agreed , so much . I wish all my teachers have the same princips as her , then my life could be more easier . despite  my teachers  have the princip : if the student want to understand the subject , they have to win the teacher’s heart . ahha soo vice versa. -.-

Okay back to my day today , I went to mcd for breakfast after  tuition with my unty , I had my mc muffin with egg  breakfast set . yeah went home , listening to music trying doing biology but then I fall asleep muahaha I woke up around 3 pm or 4 . I saw mc chicken set  on dining table , supposed to be my lunch kot haha and I ate it without realising how  much fats I’ve been munching . then after I almost finished the burger ,last bite something hit my mind like dushh “najah, u say u want to diet,  apa ini ?” hmm with full of regret I swear I wont eat any dinner tonight . and now im eating only and only low-fat yogurt haha.

p/s : ohmaygod , its already december . so fast , there's so much things i haven't done yet .

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