Sunday, September 16, 2012


How about a proper hello najah ish ish the last post was pretty much straight to the point. So here i am , hye people im still alive alhamdulillah . Im on my second semester which is my last semester in Kmkn !  2 months to go Yayerzz . How time flies ey. Im doing fine , coping with studies yeah struggling to be honest . My health was never stable , i fall sick easily there .Haih . Beside that let say life have been treating me well maybe not great but yeah good enough. Hope you guys are doing fine too :)

The starting of Sem 2 been very busy , lotsa event and activities. The latest was Merdekathon . Sort of hari sukan actually . Involved as committee of this event and played basketball too. M

So after this Mid Sem Break, we have to list down our course option . Im sticking with chemical insyaallah and electrical would be the second option. Havent think much about which university to aim for , Mara only offer 9, 6 in Australia and 3 in NewZealand.  Nevermind i got another year to think bout that .

Nowadays, i find it hard to share my thoughts and feelings with others. Not that i have trust issues but just i find it hard. Cause maybe im there for a short period , we gonna separated so soon . And i avoid getting too attached cause i fear of being apart. Well i guess thats just how life works eh . Walls that you build that keep you out of sadness also keep you out of joy .

Hmm so people argh this is my problem with writing . I miss writing but i dont know what to write .

I guess this is the end , be happy everybody . Smile . Live your life and may peace be upon you <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">

Saturday, September 15, 2012


Hmm . Let me start with an example , let say two friend, good friend . One scored exam with flying colors and the other one scored well too but just slightly lower than the other one. The one with lower result start avoiding the one with the higher result eventhough they have been friend since like forever.

Now tell me what the hell was that ? Girl , i don't know what are you thinking but seriously i don't get your point of doing that to her . Im not angry on behalf of her or whatsoever . Im just, sad . Seeing you , her , us. Drifting apart. You guys were like isi dengan kuku soulmate lesbo partner whatever you name it . And i did not expect you to this to one another . How about being supportive and help each other ey ? 

 iSad so sad . I love you two to bits and i don't want to see you both falling apart because of things like this . I may not know if there is another solid reason why you're doing that or what . But still me dont like you two like this . 

Okay . Get well soon with each other . 
And a piece of advice for others, be there for your friends comes rainbow or rain . Or even storm /tsunami/turnado .. 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

You guys show me the exact example why , why i should keep things to myself . I reall need my ol support system compared to this one haih

Saturday, June 30, 2012

a reminder

Siapalah si tudung labuh yang merasa dirinya mulia? Walau bertudung labuh jangan kau anggap dirimu hebat, maksum atau mulia. Jangan kau riak dan ujub. Jangan kau fikir org lain tidak setaraf. Jangan kau rasa dirimu sudah mendapat tiket ke syurga. Lupakah? Bahawa ibadat dan amalan yang kau kumpul tak bererti apa-apa jika niatmu bukan kerana Allah. Niatmu untuk menunjuk-nunjuk, maka kau akan malu tertunduk di depan Allah kelak. Sia-sia sahaja!

DAN siapalah kau si perempuan pendedah aurat yang merasa dirimu akan selamat? Yang mahu bergantung harap pada syafaat Nabi. Yang merasa diri cukup baik walaupun aurat terdedah. Yang berangan-angan akan syurga tetapi enggan patuh. Jangan kau fikir Allah mahu memandang sifat baikmu jika arahan dan hakNya kau ketepikan, usah kau mimpi dan angkuh! Siapakah kau si tudung labuh dan si pendedah aurat? Jangan mudah-mudah kau fikir kau akan selamat selagi kau tidak menganggap dunia ini penjara buatmu.

-something that i read that i wanted to share , may allah bless all of us . 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

forces of attraction

hye people , i know i know its been ages since i last updated my blog . im sorry for that :*
im currently studying in kedah fr my foundation well that somehow explain my absence in this world of blogging, still trying to fit in , trying to get along with the studies and friends .
Life geting harder each day , i guess thats how world works ey. High expectation kills me , being around top student frm each mrsm is hard . freaking hard haha. well im trying to cope with that ;) pray for me so that i have enough courage and strong enough to face all this.
Being away from people i love was not easy , memang lah its how thing work kan . you have to sacrifice something to get something else but then , still the pain is so ... unbearable . cey ayat tak boleh bla betul najah ni haha

Friends who have live through out my teenage years , i miss you guys a lot . nobody , no one can ever replace you guys ;)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Fabulous weekend

Saturday- 14 january 2012

Spend the day with Kiki and Syauqi . Awesome day i must say :D Picked up Bella at Kl Central , she was from Mid . Spend the night with them just like ol' times :') Watched Piranha that make us unable to close our eyes then we watched Bedtime Stories. Tak sampai separuh cerita , we're all asleep :) hihi Rinduunyaa dekat all the SOPANS ahahha

Sunday - 15 january 2012

Arrived at the Mahi's Bro Wedding around twelve something. We're all excited , nampak mahi terus jerit tak tahu malu betul ahaha padahal wedding orang hish hish hish . Ya Allah gembira tak terkata lah bila jumpa semua rakan rakan yang dirindui ! haha we had so much fun , so much laughter :') After wedding , we head out to Klcc for Kiki's Birthday Celebration . We had ice cream for her :) its good too see the same ol' faces haihh and i miss the rest of us .

Pictures you can view in my Facebook eh haha :)

Btw , just received the letter from Mara , Alhamdulillah , 12 February 2012 is the start of another chapter of my life . Pray the best for me :)

Friday, January 6, 2012


Asalamualaikum and good morning everybody :)

      A visit to the hospital yesterday made me realize how fortunate i am to live in this world with two legs two arms two eyes one nose one mouth, a healthy complete set of human being. Just so you know, some of us are suffering from all kind of diseases only God knows what; the pain on their face are unbearable. So much pain but yet so strong fighting for their live.

   Be grateful of what you have cause you know what , there thousands millions of people out there are in need of what you have. Love people surround you , family ,friends, each of every person who are there for you because life is too short . you don't have time to hate , just forgive, try to forget and move on .

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hello 2012

Hello everyone , it's a new year and may this 2012 will be a wonderful year for me and you too :)
May our friendship stronger and and may this year bring a blast .
Btw my laptop is being a bitch , so i need to get her on repair . haihh
Okay , till here byeeee