Wednesday, December 29, 2010

have blast okay

hey today is amalina anuar's birthday , i would like to share a lil space for her since she is my cubemate :)


you're sixteen already , at last haha . semoga panjang umur dan dimurahkan rezeki ! may allah bless you :) 
have blast okay ? hee love you always .

somehow i never know what would happened to me if you're not my cube mate . who gonna wake me up at 5.45 AM ? who gonna wake me up bila it is almost the time to clear the blog for prep? who gonna help me washing dishes ? who gonna help me sweeping our cube ? who gonna help me stretching my bed when-i-was-in-the-mood-of-dont-care-earlyyeardulu ? and who gonna be so bersabar to have a cubemate like me unless you . hehe . i know i bring trouble a lot hihi , im sorry but i do appreciate it sooo much okay . *you better say "awwwww" now ! haha kidding ! :p

p/s : i know you love purple <3