Saturday, March 19, 2011


hai warga bumi sekalian peace yaww,
 cuti dah nak habis dah kan T.T hw tak buat lagi , enam karangan woo bukan satu bukan dua tp ENAM weh haha . okay study pun tak,  bagus next week awak exam kan najah . ingat dah pandai sangat ye tsk tsk tsk. esok saya balik taiping hoho selamat tinggal awak awak yang bahagia nya tak duduk asrama tu . jelous jelous ;p esok kita pulun habis tiru hw orang okay <3 heh mane pergi azam yg berkobar kobar awak ni najah oi haha
okay lah , lets start the hw okay najah. anyway goodluck fr you and fr me too haha
saya ade exam nextweek, doakan yang terbaik for me and i'll pray fr you too . till here , xoxo

take that nik ! ;p

hey since you ask for it nahh nik :p

this is a gay scene yaahh ;D and yang pakai tudung tu nik haha sorry still cant remember your too long name hihi. and yang gay partner tu ezmer haha . i met them during last dec holidays, met few others too but today's post gonna be about nik who is very annoying fat boy haha. he lives in kelantan, i rarely see him except when  he visited ipoh . he's funny at times anoying too;p he's the one who called me shouting otp saying his exam was over and mine not -.- dia lah yg would called me tetibe and talked about random stuff sebab dia boring haha dialah yang sanggup nak amik aku bawak pgy rumah fara konon nak study group ended up we're all in jj ;p we barely knew each other before but those joking moment in physic made all of us close haha knowing him and the rest of physic's family was great ;') 

aku tau kau bangga kan aku tulis mcm ni kat kau , takpe ah bg chance ;p sorry about that picture , can't help it ! ;p


awak awak , nak tahu tak nak tahu tak . tite kan tite kan rasa macam nak lempang olang sekalang nie haa . haha -.-

rango sucks ;p

i wish everyday gonna be like today :)

today i hang out with the besties , gossiping , watching movies, eat like a monster , making sehtupid things in public , cam whoring , making fun on each other  haha rinduu nya zaman dolu doluuu ;)

love love 


sorry paan , you went back to kl too soon ;( next time we go out together gether eh <3
btw, ignore my ughhly face haaha 

Thursday, March 17, 2011

isk isk isk

lets hear something stewwpid i did today .

i woke up late today cause someone missed me haha . i rushed and went to mamak to have my breakfast before going to physics . i was too hungry that i neglect the fact that i was late already for class so i keep on eating until i finished my maggie goreng . haha im done with physics at one o'clock. my unty fetched me as usual and went home . and then i realised that the house's key is on the dining table INSIDE the house and im at the OUTSIDE ! haaha , and i dont have any spare keys and the best thing is my parents are in krabi thailand -.- okay superman please come and rescue me haha okay sedih tak sedih tak T.T menangis lah air mata darah pun tak guna takkan nk pecah kn pintu kot . kang malam tak boleh tutup lg takutttttt . suddenly ade mentol menyala tingggg haha. im saved ! :DD haaha

lesson learnt : wore your house key around ya neck especially when your parent are not around haha and have spare keys with youu

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


looks is only skin deep :)

you get what i mean ? beauty is not everything and beauty w/o brain is useless too. after all what matter is how beautiful is your heart ? <3

p/s : i enjoy watching this guy's video. he's funny in his own way :) 

Monday, March 14, 2011


today i spent time with these monkeys :)

still paan with her awek and sister and few random guys were there too :)
 had a pleasure time with em <3 thanks for being there even though with a short notice before hihi 
i knew you love me ;')

Sunday, March 13, 2011


when i watched people's perfection i felt like i'm melting away......

lately i have a low self-esteem tak taw ape hal , 
the level of progesterone and oestrogen tak betul kot ecehh haha budak bio ;p


hellooo im back people :)

maulidur rasul

 lets update few thing about me so far  :
  1.  i was in mrsm taiping's girl hockey team ! woot woot , i knowwww amazing kan , haha . even me myself never thought that i can play hockey ^^ haha even though we lost but still a good try for the first team in mrsm taiping history :)
  2. i play basketball and maybe i'm in the team yeah maybe . cause the second selection is after cuti so wish me luck hoho. well this game already cause me blood & tears haha . i have 3 scars on my knee just because of this game but nevermind i love you bola keranjang eventhough cikgu ika and aliah ckp my hantaran nnty kurang sebab parut banyak haha
  3. so far my record to the clinic in taiping throughout this year : 5 kali ahha 
  4. punished by warden : tulis saya berjanji tidak akan langgar peraturan maktab lagi x1000 haha just for some stewwpid reason -.-
  5. ran from ahemm high pitch and hit the locker causes me bruises on my knee haha 
  6. main hujan till i caught cold 
  7. sunburned -.- mcm anak keling dah 
  8. play soccer and golf at the same time
  9. tangkap ikan during prs funfair geli geliman
those are among few things i've been through ; i hve exam after this mid sem hols -.- which i also have basketball tournament on tha same date haha . best of luck to me T.T so enough of my day 

how's your day ?

Saturday, March 12, 2011


When your heart breaks, breathe deeply and think about your cats(even though i dont have one). When you have a dream, make sure you share and plan it. When you fall for someone, don't get your hopes too high. When you want to talk to someone no matter how nervous you are at that moment, just say hi because you'll regret it. When you care about someone, make sure you care about them all the time and not only when they're not around. When somebody have made a mistake, you forgive. When you're mad, sing to your favorite songs out loud until your neighbours complain. When it's your birthday, you rule everyone around you. When death happens, you don't suck it up - you let it go.
When you feel sick, eat your favourite soup while it's hot. When you feel overweight, try doing star jumps. When people bitch about you, you're the best bitch around. When people decide to ignore you, you're too good for them. When your life gets worse, it'll get better soon before you know it. When you fear the unknown, clear the doubts. When you decide to cut yourself, put the razor blade down. When you want to hang yourself, ask your bestfriend to hide the ropes. When you start to think about trying to kill yourself, ban yourself from the kitchen. When you feel like talking to somebody, you've got more than enough ears to choose from. When no one's around, call your father.

Do you know that the only thing holding you back, is yourself?