Wednesday, December 15, 2010

"study group"

i had fun today ! :)
i went to fara's place at sunway today for our 'study group' haha . nik picked me up today cause he don't know fara's place but i know haha . so at 9 he picked me up and we head to fara's . we had breakfast at mcd , it was my treat . yelah kasihan jd my driver hrnie haha thanks gay driver ! when we arrived , nasya , faiz and izmeer were already there , studying sejarah , whoaaaa . well it doesn't last long ! haha we chatted all through. at 12 we all already bored doing sejarah . see , najah is soo not type of studygroup. haaha . we exchanged story about our school since we are all from boarding school ;') and watched videos too . nasya and farah were talking about korean hotties which i don't know most of them haha . im not a fan of korean btw. then again we are bored ! haha so we went out for lunch . fara try to drive nik's car and the ride was aweeeeesssooommmeeee haha banyak lah awesome , she almost hit nik ! haha . well since nik worried what would happened to his car if he let fara drive , then he drive us to jusco for lunchh . i met paan there <3 we eat we talked we walked and talked again haha . then we went home , i enjoy the most thou. nasya's cousin were there to pick her . we sent her then we went to mamak near giant . eat again , it was nik treat . thanks ! we sent fara's home and then he sent me . yeay arrived home after a very tiring day but i had FUN ! haha .
thanks to fara nasya nik faiz and izmeer . & you too channan eventhough u're not there today .

FACT : i've just met them this hols and now we were close like we have known each other for years . except for you la fara , mmg dah kenal for years pun :D

i will miss this , big time.

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