Friday, December 30, 2011

In these past few days , I've learned that :

  • Absent makes the heart grow fonder
  • And also, out of sight out of mind ? 
  • I think I'll have runny nose for the rest of my life ahaha That's so disgusting
  • I find myself to be awake from my sleep several times a night which cause me tiredness . 
  • Im dehydrated , my skin is dry , need to consume lots of H20
  • I miss the feeling of *not wanting to go to school but you still have to* 
  • I prefer Anlene Mix Berries Yoghurt rather than Dutch Lady Full Cream Chocolate milk
  • I've ignored my Pink Ipod for too long that i forget where i keep it haih -.-
  • Having the urge to open and somehow read my sister's new chemistry/physic referrence books
  • I had done nothing productive besides reading my Dorothy Koomson's novel

By the way , i went to Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara with my mumma this morning to renew my Ic . The quequ was long , long enough to make me to have my breakfast first . Quequed up to get my number . I accidentally left my number on the chair i sat(iknow2 clumsy me) . Went back to get my number and guess what haha somebody else having my number like its theirs haihh pakcik ni kan mmg lah dengan muka tak bersalahnya . He knew it was mine , he saw me sitting there and how come he can make that *i know nothing, this is my number shhuhhh* look . Im pissed off. I took a deep deep breath and walked away . Quequed again and have a new number -.- and suddenly the server was down, akan dibaiki dengan kadar yang segera. Let's wait, tick tick tick after 30 min Okay that's it "mak jom balik" hmmmm . Malaysian ~

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Get away

Greetings :)
I've been away to Fraser for a short get away from  the city.
To all the nature's lover , this is the right place for youuu .  

meet my mumma and sarah

Horse riding - Tak naik pun kuda pgy lunch --'

tunggu turn

jengjengjeng mak menunjukkan kehebatan nya yang tak berapa nak hebat tu haha

haha muka bajet teror :P

Like Father Like Son

Hello people , meet Luqman al Dhiyaq Bangla ~
Semua berkobar kobar nak naik basikal pusing Fraser Hill 

Kuangkuangkuang - tak larat nak kayuh naik bukit

jalan rata boleh la eksyen haaha

Somehow i underestimate the coldness haha walaupun tak sesejuk Uk atau China kan :D

 La Familia

Tak sanggup nak mandi air terjun - sejukkkk sgt sgt sgt 

with siblings

tgh sejuk sejuk pun boleh makan icecream kan ?

night view

parents :)
Husna al najah , Dalillah al najah , Sarah al najah , Luqman al dhiyaq


Sunday, December 25, 2011

I'm off for a short vacation :) Pray for my safety Xxoo

Saturday, December 24, 2011


When the juniors came , the princess exco will have this CS-CJ Programme . Its a tradition . The senior will have to write a clue for the junior to find her . While the junior will get the clue randomly and they were given a week i guess. I was one of the committee that handling this stuff, so bila junior semua berebut berebut ambik clue , i was watching who was the lucky person to get my note. I saw her picking my note . She was supposed to find me . Somehow my clue was a lil bit hard hehe --> (i don't wanna teach your boyfriend how to dance ). Somehow she managed to find me at the very last minute haha . Pagi bila entah waktu activity week (dah la dah lambat mase tu) nak denied that it wasn't my clue tapi mcm kesian la pulak kan and  i was rushing at that time , can't even said a proper hello haha. Knowing you Afiqah for a year was great :) Don't be so naughty , i know i rarely showed you good examples but no excuses okay haha. Even if things are very hard for you , stay strong okay ? Tough times don't last but Tough people do :)(ahha ai tau awak bosan dah dgr kite ckp benda ni) You have your parents , friends and of course your awesome sister a.k.a ME haha :D Good luck kay for everything and take good care of yourself . Jaga Psp tu leklok jangan selalu ponteng surau haha . Walaupun kekadang kita buli awak tapi tu lah sebenarnya cara mengekspresikan kasih sayang (blueekk) haha lapppp youuuu(hugs) And i've always make sure your star (yang pink tu haha ) is by my side . Xxoo

Sapa lg comei ? haha >.<

And to my coolest Cs-Kak Syud , no worries i never forget you. Your cute Bunny is safe with me hee :) Go be a doctor then give me free service :D i'll wait , love you always.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Amayzingg :D

You made my day :) 

 i know im cute >.< jangan ler pandang mcmtuuu haha

I'll update others later kay , toodles~(gaya Sharpay Evans tuu haha)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

ahah, so true ;D 

a change of heart

"Boleh jadi kamu membenci sesuatu padahal itu amat baik bagimu dan boleh jadi kamu amat menyukai sesuatu padahal itu amatlah buruk bagimu. Allah maha mengetahui sedang kamu tidak mengetahui." 

When you look at someone you love , someone that have been there for you for years and someone that have been growing up with you, sharing experiences and most of everything. To see you like this was not what i expected. Its somehow sad to see you this way . I can't blame anyone, we face different people, different environment . Me myself is not good enough, I know. I believe that everyone can change no matter how bad you were before. There's always room of improvement.

I've read this somewhere in Fb -

Suatu hari seorang penceramah terkenal membuka seminarnya dengan cara yang unik.
Sambil memegang wang RM100, dia bertanya kepada hadirin,

“Siapa yang nak duit ini?”.

Kelihatan ramai penonton angkat tangan menunjukkan ramai yang minat.

“Saya akan berikan ini kepada salah seorang dari anda , tapi sebelumnya perkenankanlah saya buat ni dulu.”

Dia berdiri mendekati hadirin. Wang itu diramas-ramas dengan tangannya sehingga renyuk.
Lalu bertanya lagi,

“Siapa yang masih mahu duit ini?”
Jumlah tangan yang mengangkat tak berkurang.

“Baiklah,” jawabnya,

“Apa jadinya bila saya melakukan ini?”

Ujarnya sambil menjatuhkan wang itu ke lantai & melenyek-lenyekkan dgn kasutnya. Meski masih utuh, kini wang itu jadi amat kotor,lusuh dan amat renyuk.

"OK, sekarang masih ada yang berminat?”.
Tangan-tangan yang angkat ke atas masih tetap banyak.

Hadirin sekalian, Anda baru saja menghadapi sebuah pelajaran penting. Apapun yang terjadi dengan wang ini, anda masih berminat kerana apa yang saya lakukan tidak akan mengurangi nilainya.

Biarpun renyuk,lusuh dan kotor, wang ini tetap bernilai RM100 juga..

Dalam kehidupan ini, kita pernah beberapa kali terjatuh, terkoyak, dan dipenuhi kotoran akibat keputusan yang kita buat & situasi yang menerpa kita dalam sesuatu keadaan dahulu.

Dalam keadaan seperti itu, kita merasa tak berharga, tak bererti.
Padahal apapun yang telah & akan terjadi, anda tidak pernah akan kehilangan nilai di mata mereka yang mencintai anda, lebih-lebih lagi di mata Tuhan.

Jadi walau bagaimana kotor pun anda, kita masih mempunyai nilai yang tersendiri. Sayangilah diri anda, bertaubat jika membuat dosa, terus berusaha jika gagal kerana diri kita sebenarnya amat berharga.

Dan jangan terlupa kita adalah makhluk Allah yang di pandang sama, hanya iman dan takwa yang membezakan kita.

Allah will always forgive, but we humans always forget . 

Ahha , to Pmr candidates . Goodluck for tomorrow . i believe you've work hard , so leave the rest to God . He knows the best for you :)

Monday, December 19, 2011

high and low

They have been writing post mcm ni , mcm itu, mcm ni jugak dan mcm yang ni sekali. Haha.
I've to say that i miss Taiping somehow eh no i miss my friends more. Yes i do :) Haha i miss the atmosphere. The fresh breeze, greeny scenery and the waterfall view from my class ! Beautiful. I once hate, eh tak dislike this place , we all do kan ?Siapa yang tak pernah nangis sebab tension nak balik rumah/maktablama/sekolahlama. Siapa yang tak pernah marah marah weather Taiping yang lembap dan selalu hujan tu kan. Siapa yang tak pernah tension tension cakap kat Taiping busy nak mampus sampai nak pijak tanah(melebih je ayat :P) pun tak sempat kan .Haha enough with siapa siapa ni. We all have that experiences. Being scolded by seniors/JKK for no reasonable reason , waking up way early in the morningg dah la brieffing habis lambat kan, basuh toilet kena denda ngn cikgu sebab tak turun subuh kuang3 haha. But to tell you the truth , this place has teach us or me a lot. Useful knowledge and also not useful one :D  Getting to know almost 400 homo sapiens was cool , mcm mcm ragam dan budaya haha yes you might not remember all the names especially to me lah yang ingatan kurang sepurna siket ni kan :P And to meet your family among those 400++ was awesome, come hell or high water. Each of us are different , come from all over the Malaysia , multicoloured-skin haha, short tall , skinny and not so skinny hihi but what important the most is the friendship built :) 

My dearest cubemate , without you i will never know how to stretch my katil properly . Haha  Thankyou for  always tolong kemaskan cube when I wasn't there or i was sleeping . Thankyouu for being there, teman kebuluran bersama sama ,  teman dgr cite hantu sama2 sampai takut nak pgy toilet kan haha Love you Ina even though you love Iman more :DD (mati aku harharhar)

Atikaaa, my awesome and smart-ass girlfrienddddd who always complaint kalau duduk cube ai selalu tak productive , well sape suroh tido en  haha (say thankyou to my ultra-comfy-pink-blanket :P)  my crime partner ,partner tidur sebelah ponteng bacaan kan ? haha  love you until the penguin meowss hihi

Meet the gorgeous four (heheh) bella rempit, kiki pendek eleena keding :D I love you three people to bits. This homo sapiens have been there for me through thick and thin. We laughed , we cried and yes we fight but still that what makes us close :) Thankyou a million , without you guys taktahulahh <3

Hai meet my Ceeya/BikYa/Sheera/budak kecik/anakcikguAwie(haha)/Presiden T-crew. Girl, you're so Small yet so Strong. titee rindulahh nak buli awak haha kalau kat surau pusing belakang mesti nampak awak :) kihkihkih tiba tiba kite teringat yang kita pura pura nangis lari dtg kat awak and the rest yang tw the plan semua terkekek kekek hihi Love you Budak Pandai !

On the first day in mrsm taiping , i only knew her . orang lain sekor pun cheq tak kenai kecuali lah rakan sekolah yg berhijrah kesana juga en . Follow your heart Kaklong and Chase your dreams :) haha comei kan aku . Stay strong puterii lapp youu.

My another  budak kecik . Her *breathed in* HAI is unforgettable :) She is so cute like marshamallow (haha tetibe je kan) this one girl kan veryy strong , even ustaz syauqi say so. Almost walked away from all of us tapi at last she stayed . Dah siap packing mmg nekad dah nak pindah ni somehow God knows we love you so muchh so dia tak kasi awak pindah hehe   i love you like a love song babyy :DD

this girl in yellow had never failed entertaining people , very bubbly :) no matter what Tyra , i know you can do it even though it seems impossible . Cherish every moment of your life hee i lovee youu. Remember everytime you said "najah,awak sayang kita tak?" and i would make such an annoying face semua im sorry for that haha seriously saya sayang awak lah wak >.< 

Budak tudung coklat tu en suara dia en mcm kartunn kan phuChukang ? hihi this sweet girl with soft heart . i miss seeing you wearing baju kelawaq awak tu rambut tak sikat dtg cube kite haha. A great listener , and also a great friend of mine :) Nanti kita lepak surau lelama lg eyh haha Moga panjang jodoh eh, nnt hang boleh jadi sedara homeroom aku :P i lovee youu chu are (hugs)

Cirroooo , my fantabulos stripper haha you and your whoaa moves can never be separated . hihi lovee you :D 

we're the mostt ohsemm hotesstt cutestt girls in town (harharhar) without you , you and you and you too hihi my life is incomplete . Fatts, Lily , Ecah , Yan, Diba, and the rest of the clan :)

ohseemmm guyfriends (ramai yang takda malas nak cari gamba semua ade muehehe >.<)

Ambitious 10/11. The most awesome homeroom you could ever ask for :) kesian cikgu kan cikgu dapat anak homeroom semua comei comei suka buat rumah cikgu macam rumah sendiri kuat makan kuat berjalan nakal nakal hot hot di bibir para guru haha i have beautiful kakak and adik  yang dah mcm siblings betui :P Aliahhh hihi you know you love me i love you too hehe love you olls :D
Basketball girls team , macam macam kita lalui bersama kan . practise memalam buta . kena ugut tak boleh amik exam haha. I miss these a lot :') berparut tau lutut ai sebab basket ni haha
classmates, you guys are annoying at times , eh tak most of the time haha walaupun cikgu semua coplaint pasai kite kan tp hucaress kan haha i love you all jugak :D 

EMC, we're the hottest kan ? harhar coolest advisor evaahh ! and we did a fabulous job with E-night don't we ? :) (i was at the back in the picture cause i tak pakai uniform hee dah pack hantar rumah lah hairul sowiiee ;P)

 You rock my world Hehe :P (kite tau awak tak suka gamba ni hehe)

Ahha yang ni wa cakap lu , kalau lu kena mmg lu nangis lah . Seribu ayat wehhhhhhhh  --' memang habis lah semua insan insan yang ku kenali dikerah untuk menolong ku hihi kesiaann kita tau nak patah jari tulis bebanyak (lain kali jangan degil sangat ikut peraturan :P) page first tulisan lawa lg masuk page yg seterusnya mmg mcm cakar ayam pun kalah :D
To juniors , enjoy your senior year baybee :D 

Haha , bila baca balik post ni macam lawak lah pulak . You will never miss the water, until the water runs dry ey ? :')

Hai , meet the fat version of najah muahaha (takpe takpe ni zaman lama tunggu amik result nanti habis semua tak kenal :DD)

Sunday, December 18, 2011

S :)

Hye you there, Thankyou for everything :)


maluuu Kbaiii :D

videokeman mp3
Your Guardian Angel – The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Song Lyrics

Friday, December 16, 2011

Since the start of 2011 I've
Only the bold-ed ones. 

Gotten a new piercing. Dyed my hair. Ended a relationship. Started a new relationship. Been on a long a car journey. Passed an exam. Met someone who’s now an important part of my life. Cried on someone’s shoulder. Had a massive fight with a boyfriend. Recieved flowers. Had a Valentine. Written a letter using pen and paper. Gone to see a therapist. Been prescriped medication by a doctor. Read a really good book. Gone to the zoo. Spent too much money on unnecessary things. Traveled by train. Cried over a member of the opposite sex. Spent a day out in the sun getting a tan. Slammed a door out of frustration. Had an anxiety attack. Babysat for a friend’s child. Had a BBQ. Gone to the fair

Gone bowling. Seen a film at the cinema in 3D. Gone on a date. Been the only sober one on a night out. Helped someone home after they’d had too much to drink. Stayed up all night. Talked on the phone for over two hours. Supported someone who’d recieved bad news. Watched some kind of live sporting event. Read an entire book in one day. Bought a DVD the day it was released. Eaten McDonald’s more than four times in a single week. Cried as a result of exam stress. Met some incredible new people. Gone to several great parties. Fallen backwards off a chair. Broken my glasses. Worn a watch for the first time in years. Cried over someone in my past. Spent hours aimlessly browsing the internet. Thrown up. Cried over a film. Gone out of my way to avoid an ex-boyfriend. Fought with someone in public.

Thursday, December 15, 2011


Your words hurts deep. It was my fault.

what a day

Went out with Puteh and Atiera. Naura's out while Rohaina was working o.o Haha . Shared laughter and well tears too(ahemm). Atiera was looking for job , it was easy cause somehow most of the premise need workers. Then, Paan came all the way from Pameran Pendidikan Haha. She's thinner than the last time i met her . How i miss chilling around with you girls :)

Hai , Najah comel Haha

Puteh Sofia , the one with loud attitude.

Sisters <3

tu diaa , isi borang nak kerja :D

Atiera Asri, the one with soft heart :)

Paan a.k.a Nur farhana haha, the one who is young wild and free.

Through thick or thin :)