Sunday, September 16, 2012


How about a proper hello najah ish ish the last post was pretty much straight to the point. So here i am , hye people im still alive alhamdulillah . Im on my second semester which is my last semester in Kmkn !  2 months to go Yayerzz . How time flies ey. Im doing fine , coping with studies yeah struggling to be honest . My health was never stable , i fall sick easily there .Haih . Beside that let say life have been treating me well maybe not great but yeah good enough. Hope you guys are doing fine too :)

The starting of Sem 2 been very busy , lotsa event and activities. The latest was Merdekathon . Sort of hari sukan actually . Involved as committee of this event and played basketball too. M

So after this Mid Sem Break, we have to list down our course option . Im sticking with chemical insyaallah and electrical would be the second option. Havent think much about which university to aim for , Mara only offer 9, 6 in Australia and 3 in NewZealand.  Nevermind i got another year to think bout that .

Nowadays, i find it hard to share my thoughts and feelings with others. Not that i have trust issues but just i find it hard. Cause maybe im there for a short period , we gonna separated so soon . And i avoid getting too attached cause i fear of being apart. Well i guess thats just how life works eh . Walls that you build that keep you out of sadness also keep you out of joy .

Hmm so people argh this is my problem with writing . I miss writing but i dont know what to write .

I guess this is the end , be happy everybody . Smile . Live your life and may peace be upon you <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">

Saturday, September 15, 2012


Hmm . Let me start with an example , let say two friend, good friend . One scored exam with flying colors and the other one scored well too but just slightly lower than the other one. The one with lower result start avoiding the one with the higher result eventhough they have been friend since like forever.

Now tell me what the hell was that ? Girl , i don't know what are you thinking but seriously i don't get your point of doing that to her . Im not angry on behalf of her or whatsoever . Im just, sad . Seeing you , her , us. Drifting apart. You guys were like isi dengan kuku soulmate lesbo partner whatever you name it . And i did not expect you to this to one another . How about being supportive and help each other ey ? 

 iSad so sad . I love you two to bits and i don't want to see you both falling apart because of things like this . I may not know if there is another solid reason why you're doing that or what . But still me dont like you two like this . 

Okay . Get well soon with each other . 
And a piece of advice for others, be there for your friends comes rainbow or rain . Or even storm /tsunami/turnado ..