Tuesday, May 8, 2012

forces of attraction

hye people , i know i know its been ages since i last updated my blog . im sorry for that :*
im currently studying in kedah fr my foundation well that somehow explain my absence in this world of blogging, still trying to fit in , trying to get along with the studies and friends .
Life geting harder each day , i guess thats how world works ey. High expectation kills me , being around top student frm each mrsm is hard . freaking hard haha. well im trying to cope with that ;) pray for me so that i have enough courage and strong enough to face all this.
Being away from people i love was not easy , memang lah its how thing work kan . you have to sacrifice something to get something else but then , still the pain is so ... unbearable . cey ayat tak boleh bla betul najah ni haha

Friends who have live through out my teenage years , i miss you guys a lot . nobody , no one can ever replace you guys ;)