Tuesday, December 28, 2010

so long

its been awhile i don't update my blog . im busy with sleeping eating andd all that stuff haha :D

hey next year im seventeen !hmmm no, i mean in few days.. omg ! i just can't believe it how time fly soooo fast . its like just yesterday i got my pmr result , all those tears and smile with my friends when our names were announced .when me and atiera were taking those exams to enter mrsm thingy and when rohaina called telling me, im choosen to be in mrsm and being excited to be in new school but somehow i regret that the fact i have to left my friends and my family and my life away. it's not a fun thing to do you know haaha and i remembered how culture shocked i am with all those new rountine at my new school and the speed studying . i thought that i might die , well apparently am not and still standing strong :) acecece

hmm next year gonna be tough, believe me since i'll be taking *cough cough* SPM .. im dead , so dead . im freaking out.. how am i gonna survive there
but i've done a year , i should be strong enough to finish another year.yeahh go najah ! andd thennnnnnn im FREE wohhoooooo . hihi :D

p/s : im currently in this long and confusing process of figuring who i am and what i want to do in my life

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