Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I kind of figured that it has been awhile since I've written anything about my five bestfriends in this whole goddamn galaxy. As much as we understand each other more than anyone else, we are complete different people. Yes, we might like the same music, the same shows and shit like that - but in the end, the six of us live complete different lives and deal with shit different ways of our own. Yet, the bond is still there and it's some kind of a miracle that I'm still with these lovely lasses. Life would have been a bore if it wasn't for them. I might as well not be the person I am today if I hadn't to happen bump into anyone of them.

this is - naura sofinaz. This troublemaker bitch just cant get enough of herself . haha she was the closest to me.  we’ve been friends for four years and been through so many things right . and I just miss those playing in the rain making cup cakes sneak out skipping school and tuiton together . She's like my other half, okay she is my other half! :)

this is - atiera asri. this lil pretty braces girl just love taking picture of herself haha. well i live kinda close to her house and i used to come  over her house not to forget taman mafia haha :) she introduced me a lot of i-never-heard of lovey dovey songs haha . i miss going window-shopping with her . 

 this is - puteh sofiaShe is the girl who just love gossiping :D hoho stalker paling hebat ni hihi and dulu dulu we used to hang out her house every Wednesday cause there’s pasar malam, infront of her house. Yeahh buy food and we go lepak on the playground updating each other gossip . I do miss that , a lot.

this is- rohaina roisShe cant get enough of clothes shoes and accessories , and this girl is one-of-a-kind yaa know. People who might not know her may think she is snobbish. She loves to critise a lot but cant help it . its so her , she just say what she wanna say . haha . and fact : she don’t eat kambing or rusa . still, she has ate it at my house twice , I only told her after she finished her food haha :)

this is- paan .This girl is so annoying haha but still I love you paan . yes you’re annoying , very manja type sensitive and talkative too . I know I quarrel with you a lot haaha  i haven’t seen her quite a  long time yeah and if you’re reading this I want you to know that I miss you .

<3 <3 <3

Being apart from each other was never a good idea from the start - though it was for our own future. When will there ever be a stop to this? All I know is that all this shit is worth going through and I can never find anybody who can replace them and as cheesy as this sounds, I love you five so much that I might cry right now. haaha  :')

I swear so many things can happen in a short period of time.


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