Sunday, September 16, 2012


How about a proper hello najah ish ish the last post was pretty much straight to the point. So here i am , hye people im still alive alhamdulillah . Im on my second semester which is my last semester in Kmkn !  2 months to go Yayerzz . How time flies ey. Im doing fine , coping with studies yeah struggling to be honest . My health was never stable , i fall sick easily there .Haih . Beside that let say life have been treating me well maybe not great but yeah good enough. Hope you guys are doing fine too :)

The starting of Sem 2 been very busy , lotsa event and activities. The latest was Merdekathon . Sort of hari sukan actually . Involved as committee of this event and played basketball too. M

So after this Mid Sem Break, we have to list down our course option . Im sticking with chemical insyaallah and electrical would be the second option. Havent think much about which university to aim for , Mara only offer 9, 6 in Australia and 3 in NewZealand.  Nevermind i got another year to think bout that .

Nowadays, i find it hard to share my thoughts and feelings with others. Not that i have trust issues but just i find it hard. Cause maybe im there for a short period , we gonna separated so soon . And i avoid getting too attached cause i fear of being apart. Well i guess thats just how life works eh . Walls that you build that keep you out of sadness also keep you out of joy .

Hmm so people argh this is my problem with writing . I miss writing but i dont know what to write .

I guess this is the end , be happy everybody . Smile . Live your life and may peace be upon you <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">