Thursday, December 15, 2011

what a day

Went out with Puteh and Atiera. Naura's out while Rohaina was working o.o Haha . Shared laughter and well tears too(ahemm). Atiera was looking for job , it was easy cause somehow most of the premise need workers. Then, Paan came all the way from Pameran Pendidikan Haha. She's thinner than the last time i met her . How i miss chilling around with you girls :)

Hai , Najah comel Haha

Puteh Sofia , the one with loud attitude.

Sisters <3

tu diaa , isi borang nak kerja :D

Atiera Asri, the one with soft heart :)

Paan a.k.a Nur farhana haha, the one who is young wild and free.

Through thick or thin :)

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