Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Im excited ! Since i haven't update anything eversince i don't know when haha. Hi how are you people ? fine onot , me fine thankiyuuuuu <3
As you all know SPM is over OVER and yes i've been waiting for this moment and yet i felt akward not to touch any books haha okay saya pelik :p Life so far have treated me well , yes there are things that i wish never happened but still everything happens for a reason ey. I miss my collegemates already ! i miss my classmate i miss my girlfriendss boyfriend haha guyfriendss mkcik cleaner garang cube cikgu cikgu warden lantai basketballcourt airwell Ds abg Ds eww air gedegang Psp haha mcm nk sebut satu mktb. But the end of school means i can spend my timeeee with my cute five bestfriend eversince formone. Ohh my how i miss them a lot ! How i've missed fun stuff they have been doing . haih takpa takpa i'll cover that soon . And to You my dearest , take good care of yourself. I know we're miles apart but no big deal ey ? chin up :) Kbaii people sayang semuaa haha

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