Tuesday, December 13, 2011

good morning

The air was fresh, almost the same breeze you smell time pgy subuhh awal dkt mktb haha. The atmosphere was calming too . Tadi pagi i woke earlier than what i expected and went for a jog at Polo. Waited for Puteh and Tiera to pick me up haha since i haven't got my licence yet . Takpe sabar eh najah :) hihi So the first round was all walking lah karang terkejut pulak semua lemak lemak ni kan and then second round we tried to jog but failed haha so we keep on walking :D then tried all those exercise punya tempat . duduk chilling around tgk orang lalu lalang . I also met Anis, my junior di Gr and also Taiping . tp tak sempat nak tegur cause she was wearing mp3 lah kot sampai tak dgr we were shouting her name haha. Then we send Tiera home cause she need to attend kenduri stuff kat rumah nenek dia . Puteh and I , well haha we singgah mamak to have breakfast . There you go , my lovely Tuesday morning :) And im thinking of going to the Edu Fair kot ngn puted after lunch nanti . Let see how lah eh . hee Gtg , a have chores waiting . Xxoo