Friday, December 30, 2011

In these past few days , I've learned that :

  • Absent makes the heart grow fonder
  • And also, out of sight out of mind ? 
  • I think I'll have runny nose for the rest of my life ahaha That's so disgusting
  • I find myself to be awake from my sleep several times a night which cause me tiredness . 
  • Im dehydrated , my skin is dry , need to consume lots of H20
  • I miss the feeling of *not wanting to go to school but you still have to* 
  • I prefer Anlene Mix Berries Yoghurt rather than Dutch Lady Full Cream Chocolate milk
  • I've ignored my Pink Ipod for too long that i forget where i keep it haih -.-
  • Having the urge to open and somehow read my sister's new chemistry/physic referrence books
  • I had done nothing productive besides reading my Dorothy Koomson's novel

By the way , i went to Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara with my mumma this morning to renew my Ic . The quequ was long , long enough to make me to have my breakfast first . Quequed up to get my number . I accidentally left my number on the chair i sat(iknow2 clumsy me) . Went back to get my number and guess what haha somebody else having my number like its theirs haihh pakcik ni kan mmg lah dengan muka tak bersalahnya . He knew it was mine , he saw me sitting there and how come he can make that *i know nothing, this is my number shhuhhh* look . Im pissed off. I took a deep deep breath and walked away . Quequed again and have a new number -.- and suddenly the server was down, akan dibaiki dengan kadar yang segera. Let's wait, tick tick tick after 30 min Okay that's it "mak jom balik" hmmmm . Malaysian ~