Saturday, December 24, 2011


When the juniors came , the princess exco will have this CS-CJ Programme . Its a tradition . The senior will have to write a clue for the junior to find her . While the junior will get the clue randomly and they were given a week i guess. I was one of the committee that handling this stuff, so bila junior semua berebut berebut ambik clue , i was watching who was the lucky person to get my note. I saw her picking my note . She was supposed to find me . Somehow my clue was a lil bit hard hehe --> (i don't wanna teach your boyfriend how to dance ). Somehow she managed to find me at the very last minute haha . Pagi bila entah waktu activity week (dah la dah lambat mase tu) nak denied that it wasn't my clue tapi mcm kesian la pulak kan and  i was rushing at that time , can't even said a proper hello haha. Knowing you Afiqah for a year was great :) Don't be so naughty , i know i rarely showed you good examples but no excuses okay haha. Even if things are very hard for you , stay strong okay ? Tough times don't last but Tough people do :)(ahha ai tau awak bosan dah dgr kite ckp benda ni) You have your parents , friends and of course your awesome sister a.k.a ME haha :D Good luck kay for everything and take good care of yourself . Jaga Psp tu leklok jangan selalu ponteng surau haha . Walaupun kekadang kita buli awak tapi tu lah sebenarnya cara mengekspresikan kasih sayang (blueekk) haha lapppp youuuu(hugs) And i've always make sure your star (yang pink tu haha ) is by my side . Xxoo

Sapa lg comei ? haha >.<

And to my coolest Cs-Kak Syud , no worries i never forget you. Your cute Bunny is safe with me hee :) Go be a doctor then give me free service :D i'll wait , love you always.

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