Saturday, March 12, 2011


When your heart breaks, breathe deeply and think about your cats(even though i dont have one). When you have a dream, make sure you share and plan it. When you fall for someone, don't get your hopes too high. When you want to talk to someone no matter how nervous you are at that moment, just say hi because you'll regret it. When you care about someone, make sure you care about them all the time and not only when they're not around. When somebody have made a mistake, you forgive. When you're mad, sing to your favorite songs out loud until your neighbours complain. When it's your birthday, you rule everyone around you. When death happens, you don't suck it up - you let it go.
When you feel sick, eat your favourite soup while it's hot. When you feel overweight, try doing star jumps. When people bitch about you, you're the best bitch around. When people decide to ignore you, you're too good for them. When your life gets worse, it'll get better soon before you know it. When you fear the unknown, clear the doubts. When you decide to cut yourself, put the razor blade down. When you want to hang yourself, ask your bestfriend to hide the ropes. When you start to think about trying to kill yourself, ban yourself from the kitchen. When you feel like talking to somebody, you've got more than enough ears to choose from. When no one's around, call your father.

Do you know that the only thing holding you back, is yourself?

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