Saturday, March 19, 2011

take that nik ! ;p

hey since you ask for it nahh nik :p

this is a gay scene yaahh ;D and yang pakai tudung tu nik haha sorry still cant remember your too long name hihi. and yang gay partner tu ezmer haha . i met them during last dec holidays, met few others too but today's post gonna be about nik who is very annoying fat boy haha. he lives in kelantan, i rarely see him except when  he visited ipoh . he's funny at times anoying too;p he's the one who called me shouting otp saying his exam was over and mine not -.- dia lah yg would called me tetibe and talked about random stuff sebab dia boring haha dialah yang sanggup nak amik aku bawak pgy rumah fara konon nak study group ended up we're all in jj ;p we barely knew each other before but those joking moment in physic made all of us close haha knowing him and the rest of physic's family was great ;') 

aku tau kau bangga kan aku tulis mcm ni kat kau , takpe ah bg chance ;p sorry about that picture , can't help it ! ;p


  1. Sial. Ahaha. Laen kali ambk laa gamba yang handsome sikit. Thanks Najah.:) I Likee~

  2. salam..

    mesranya.....gambar di atas tu.

    ** folo ur blog.

  3. nik- haha tak jumpa gamba yg lebih hensem dr yg atas tu haha ;p
    sekamar rindu - wsalam . haha okay ! thanks , follow yours back later ;)