Sunday, March 13, 2011


hellooo im back people :)

maulidur rasul

 lets update few thing about me so far  :
  1.  i was in mrsm taiping's girl hockey team ! woot woot , i knowwww amazing kan , haha . even me myself never thought that i can play hockey ^^ haha even though we lost but still a good try for the first team in mrsm taiping history :)
  2. i play basketball and maybe i'm in the team yeah maybe . cause the second selection is after cuti so wish me luck hoho. well this game already cause me blood & tears haha . i have 3 scars on my knee just because of this game but nevermind i love you bola keranjang eventhough cikgu ika and aliah ckp my hantaran nnty kurang sebab parut banyak haha
  3. so far my record to the clinic in taiping throughout this year : 5 kali ahha 
  4. punished by warden : tulis saya berjanji tidak akan langgar peraturan maktab lagi x1000 haha just for some stewwpid reason -.-
  5. ran from ahemm high pitch and hit the locker causes me bruises on my knee haha 
  6. main hujan till i caught cold 
  7. sunburned -.- mcm anak keling dah 
  8. play soccer and golf at the same time
  9. tangkap ikan during prs funfair geli geliman
those are among few things i've been through ; i hve exam after this mid sem hols -.- which i also have basketball tournament on tha same date haha . best of luck to me T.T so enough of my day 

how's your day ?

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