Thursday, March 17, 2011

isk isk isk

lets hear something stewwpid i did today .

i woke up late today cause someone missed me haha . i rushed and went to mamak to have my breakfast before going to physics . i was too hungry that i neglect the fact that i was late already for class so i keep on eating until i finished my maggie goreng . haha im done with physics at one o'clock. my unty fetched me as usual and went home . and then i realised that the house's key is on the dining table INSIDE the house and im at the OUTSIDE ! haaha , and i dont have any spare keys and the best thing is my parents are in krabi thailand -.- okay superman please come and rescue me haha okay sedih tak sedih tak T.T menangis lah air mata darah pun tak guna takkan nk pecah kn pintu kot . kang malam tak boleh tutup lg takutttttt . suddenly ade mentol menyala tingggg haha. im saved ! :DD haaha

lesson learnt : wore your house key around ya neck especially when your parent are not around haha and have spare keys with youu


  1. Alolo kesiannya Najah Syaura ni, ahah :)
    Tp in the end hidup lagi kau ni en? Hahaha

  2. Haha mestilah hidupp. Sempat update beloggg lagi hikhik

  3. sejak bila nama aku najah syaura ni ? haha . mestilah hidup , superman datang selamat kan najah commel nie ;D hahaa

  4. ohmyy,kesiannya awak najah! kenapa tak call kite, kite boleh terbang selamatkan awak. haha! glad that ure still ok now, hun! :)

  5. hihi tu ah , takpe next time i call yaa :) thanks ziraa <3