Saturday, February 5, 2011


First and foremost,
it has been a while since I blogged. Sorry. Every time I hit the new post button, my mind just went blank. Even this post took a while to emerge from my thoughts.

let me tell ya , imma form 5 ! the first month of my senior year wasn't so bad . too much things to handle , yes . very. but still i have bunch of crazy people aka monkeys which never fail to cheer me up . studies become harder , not lying . and my class get most of the "chill relax" teacher this year that make me so pemalas nowadays. haha . i kept failing to do addmath , i used to love it before tp tp i don't know lah . 
the stairs to my class are killing me . and the muddy field  that i used to go to DS is getting on my nerves .
 btw , the juniors are coming next week ! haha , but the ex-gov student is just 13 or lesser . no girls , less problem to handle ay ? :p well this year , nado changed the CS-CJ programme to KAKAK SAYANG-ADIK SAYANG . i know it sound so corny and cheessyyy kan haha . im excited to meet my ADIK SAYANG haha ! be nice to me ;p hihi

we celebrated syahin's birthday just before the CNY holidays. well its supposed to be a suprise party but syahin saw chuare bringing the food already during the evening haha but still we had fun :) and zira's birthday fall on the day we're already home so we can't throw a party for her haih . these clown monkeys around me are the reasons i can survive there . life would be hard w/o em. *u guys should be in the awwww state kan ? hehe ;p *

and man , i miss my old buddies . its hard to see everyone together nowadays. everyone have their own schedule . that just so sad. to see how fast time  flies , how fast we grew up and how easy things changed :/ 

before i forget there's something that i wanted to share with, hope this can cheers up someone's day :) 

There's always something about life that intrigues us.
Yet, there's also a million reasons to hate it.
It's like eating chocolate with a hard caramel center.
It tastes like heaven but yet you get annoyed when it gets stuck between your teeth.
And then you'll hesitate to smile.
In life you have to do some things that you don't want to. 
you have no choice since thats the best for us . 
it's just like hiking a great mountain. the climb's hard but yeah, the view is worth it.
so cheer up , life is hard but you still have people surround you okay <3 

i think i better stop cause i have homework waiting , unironed clothes waiting too in the list and unpacked bag . so till then , XOXO 

p/s : imma going back to taiping tmmrw , wish me luck people ; )


    Mcm nak termuntah aku dgr, haha

  2. awwww, monkeys pun monkeys lah.
    yg penting dpt buat awak survive in Taiping. awwww, hihihih.
    loveyou jay!