Tuesday, November 30, 2010


ten things i currently hate

#1. waking up early in the morning & get ready fr tuition 
#2. rainy wet weather *cause me flueee-.-
#3. having a box of untouched homework ohh great
#4. confuse of buying that grey mng bag or blue nose bag or both ? haha banyak cantik
#5. i'm gaining too much weight urghh
#6. unable to spend much time together with my besties :'(
#7. that two stupid dogs barking infront of my house every night 
#8. not having much money to fullfill my endless what-to-buy list sobsobs
#9. i only left one month of holiday pfftt
#10. i have to sit for SPM next year ahhh

p/s : i've watched repunzel  hihi

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