Saturday, November 27, 2010

pin pinn

well the result are out , yeahh obviously . hot issues in fb currently. people posting stuff mainly about the result *i mean mrsm student yaah. i got mine early than the others cause im in ipoh which is way too close to taiping haha . my result is improving , alhamdulillah. im not expecting too high but i guess luck was on my side . im quite frustrated with physic, thought i <3 u enough haha. whatever we still 2 semester to go but the most important is the spm's result not this semester's exam. so to whom their result drop : dont worry much , yaa can improve "failure is never final" :) and  not to forget those who scored well : congrats ! :D but remember life is like a wheel , sometimes you're at the top & sometimes you're at the bottom . 


  1. hahah congrats Husna Al-Najah
    I dont knw what's gonna happen to mine
    pray for methnx yaww!:)

  2. aww ,thanks all :)
    eleh saufi , 4.0 ! haha
    jaja : esok esok smpai ah tu :) gotta tell me yours aw ? :)

  3. Najahhhh congratulations baby! ;)