Tuesday, November 30, 2010


ohmaigad , tuition is tiring seriously
starts at 7.15 AM till 10.15 AM , u see ?
3 hours non-stop learning physic woohhoo drive me nuts
im always the one who came second-last *at least not the last one* with sleepy face un-ironed clothes and a whole bunch of sweets . yeah thats me


teacher : children what is the principle of conservation of momentum ?
students : ....*silence
teacher : anyone ?
students: .........
teacher : heelllooooo? *with her made up childish voice* anybody homeee ?
students : ahhaa yes teacher *mumbles
teacher : haa what's ur name ? naaa...
me : jah. najah *grins* um um.. *mumbling with making innocence face *
teacher : principle of conservation of bla bla bla
me : phewwwwww -.-

takpe najah , patience is virtue :)
u just left five more classes kay then u can have fun waking up late again hehe
luckily i decided not to take chemistry class which started at 10.30 AM haha gi-la kan
if not i'll end up went home like a boiled vegie haha


  1. I pon dh kene strat tuition doh esk plak tuhh ceh cmm peje...hmm

  2. ahah selamat datang ke seksaan haha :D

  3. You tuition Cikgu Julie kan?
    I punn..I think I recognise you..hehe.
    Tetapi, saya duduk paling depan.

    Nice meeting you here..I will follow you :D

  4. yeah , oh ye ke
    patut lah tak nampak , duduk depan .
    i duduk dpn budak budak lelaki
    nice meeting you too love
    oh thankyuuuu :)