Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Fabulous weekend

Saturday- 14 january 2012

Spend the day with Kiki and Syauqi . Awesome day i must say :D Picked up Bella at Kl Central , she was from Mid . Spend the night with them just like ol' times :') Watched Piranha that make us unable to close our eyes then we watched Bedtime Stories. Tak sampai separuh cerita , we're all asleep :) hihi Rinduunyaa dekat all the SOPANS ahahha

Sunday - 15 january 2012

Arrived at the Mahi's Bro Wedding around twelve something. We're all excited , nampak mahi terus jerit tak tahu malu betul ahaha padahal wedding orang hish hish hish . Ya Allah gembira tak terkata lah bila jumpa semua rakan rakan yang dirindui ! haha we had so much fun , so much laughter :') After wedding , we head out to Klcc for Kiki's Birthday Celebration . We had ice cream for her :) its good too see the same ol' faces haihh and i miss the rest of us .

Pictures you can view in my Facebook eh haha :)

Btw , just received the letter from Mara , Alhamdulillah , 12 February 2012 is the start of another chapter of my life . Pray the best for me :)


  1. Rindunyeeeeee :')

    Tahniah Najah. Gooodluck di sana.
    Jangan lupa Chu tau!

  2. waah, congratulations Jay! i wish you all the best, and goodluck entering college lfe. :) you'll do just great, dont worry.
    urm, awak masuk mana nnti Jay? k. nerang, is it?

    oh, anyway, it was nice meeting you and the rest!

  3. Congratulations Jaja! All the best kat college nanti :)

  4. wahh jajahh , hehe. gud luck sane nt kay. me here will miss you