Sunday, May 1, 2011

twisted tale

i just don't get it when people get their-self busy into someone else business and think they know it all but in fact NOT . what the heck is that ? i know which one is good and bad, i know what i'm doing. am not dumb, i know my limit.

to miss I , i already lose my respect to you and stop thinking of doing your stupid ideas. if you do that, takpe we'll still have each other to hold on. but think of yourself , do you have one ? stop pretending. at least , im being myself but you ? kalau tak suka buat tak suka , tak payah lah nak hypocrite sangat.

and to someone, you don't need to send all those letter , can't you just came and see me? like i don't know who you are . i'm not someone who can't accept advice and you don't need to waste your time writing. don't worry , i don't hate you , yet. haha

dah la awak nak spm , saya pun nak spm jugak . kita tak payah sibuk sibuk hal orang okay :)


  1. Yeahhh itu yang kita semua mahuu weeii wiitt hikhikh

  2. haha :DD tp sayang lah dorg mane tw pasal blog nie so dorg tk bce ahhh :DD