Tuesday, January 4, 2011

a day after school

told you so , im gonna be back as soon as possible . im home already ! after a day at school haha.
im having fever actually so cikgu ika told me to go to hospital which i am very lazy to do so but then i still went because i just can't hold it anymore . after waiting for 4 hours at last i met the doctor for about ten minutes .  i know , like what the heck kan ? but still the doctor was very nice , she gave me mc for 3 days :) i love mc . straight away i called my dad to pick me up . btw i met cikgu siti too there , she went to take blood test, suspected denggi no wonder you look so sick. may you get well soon teacher , my very inspiring most motivating teacher in the whole universe. she even treat me lunch thanks teacher :) i went back at school with im-sick-and-im-dying face , and otw to the asrama i bumped into cikgu abdullah , luckily he allowed me to go back thankyouu ! when im back in my cube everyone was like"are you okay najah ? what the doctor said ? kau sakit ape weh ? demam denggi ? ee panasnya badan kau ? " and i was like "weh i got three days of mc and im going home !!! be jelous " ignoring all the question haha and they was like "omg najah betul ke ? kurang asam! tak aci aku nak demam jugak " and i was like "haha , dah dah i want to sleep , ask me later" so i wake up at six pm and went to shower . and again they were like "eh you're not back lg ke " and i was like "eh nak halau ke ? haha" after i had shower , packed few things and wait fr my parents to pick me up . im just wearing tracksuit and longsleeves since im very very lazy to wear bju kurung. at seven my parents pick me up and here i am home :) see how great it was , my first day of school ended so well , at home :)

nothing better than being at home hihi

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